Welcome to PuppySmile!

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Welcome to PuppySmile!

Our goal at PuppySmile is to put a smile on your face and your doggy's face. We do so to the best of our ability and strive to make every day better than the previous.

How much do we love dogs?

Well, it goes without saying that a dog toy company must have at it's very core an intense love for all things "doggy".

We'd like to take it a step further and say that every day, life would be far more bland and dismal if we didn't have our furry friends! 

But... Here's the sad part.

So this is where we have to step in.

Our goal is more than just supplying you with fun dog toys to make you smile. With every toy that is sold, we want to attach to it a meaning. Your pup gets to play and both of you get to smile, but somewhere else a sweet, little canine companion is getting mistreated and abused. We want to spread that word and encourage more people to adopt rescues. The thing they need most, and whether or not they realize that they want most is to be loved and treasured. Like the good boy he is- like the good girl she is.

So today, above all else...